Beats365 Scam?

People know what we do here. We make beats. We buy beats. We do everything beat and hip hop related. So people send me emails and ask: Is Beats365 a scam?

I find that funny because beats365 is the only beat service I trust. Let me tell you why.

Beats365 is basically a compilation of tons and tons of beats produced. I’ve always been impressed that they offer so many beats for such a low price, but hey, why complain about a sale?

Too see the full list of beats see here.

Some reasons I like Beats365

  • 1 time payment (no monthly crap)
  • Lots of beats, low price
  • Variety of beats

If you want to see the full features then click here.

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Sonic Producer Review

Today somebody sent me a link to a new piece of software called Sonic Producer. So now I’m going to do a quick review of sonic producer and tell you what I think.

You can see the features of Sonic Producer here.

Now what I really find cool about this software is how easy to use and intuitive it is. We all know there have been some really complex software out there, especially some of the professional stuff. Sonic producer is easy to use and will grow quickly on the hands of a newbie.

If you want to play with Sonic Producer click here then scroll to the bottom and click “Free Trial”. You can use all the features but you can get a sense of what its like.

Why You should Join Sonic Producer:

  • Easy to Use
  • Nice Interface
  • Create Unlimited Beats (my favorite part)

Go ahead and watch the intro videos and decide for yourself.

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Buy Hip Hop Beats

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! DON’T BUY BEATS! You can make them here!

There are already various websites nowadays which give all the recording producers and artists or even novices like us, the capability to sell and buy hip hop beats online. Hence, a certain guideline should be considered in buying online beats. First, we should fully understand the value of hip hop beats intrinsically. Actually, the value of any particular music or beat depends upon the keyword and the true value’s perception. We should never risk a certain amount of money if we are going to buy hip hop beats which are poor in quality. Thus, we should make sure of the credibility of the producer who is selling the beats in the industry of music. Album credits are somehow important in buying beats.

Another thing that we should consider if we want to buy hip hop beats is the price. Usually, the prices of the beat license on the Internet ranges from $0 to $75 only. Such beat license can only allow us to use the beats for a specific period of time as well as copies. This is actually known as the non-exclusive type of beat license. The other type of beat license is the exclusive type. This type of beat license has prices which range from $75 to $250. The exclusive type of license beat is much preferable for it allows us to own the beat as if we are the creator of it.

Furthermore, we also have to contact first the producer before we buy hip hop beats. This is a must to avoid any problems like the beat-jackers and wasting our moneys. The beat-jackers are the people who dishonestly present the beats of others as their own beats and then resell the beats. Hence, to get rid of the beat-jackers, we have to contact the producer either by a PM or email. After all, authentic beat creators and sellers make themselves available at all times in working for a deal.

Moreover, if we want to have a deal online, we have to make sure that we put all the deals in a licensing contract which is printable. In this way, we can have the beats legally to avoid any future problems. The licensing agreement should contain all our rights as the beat buyers as well as the terms and conditions of the purchased beats when you’re looking for hip hop beats for sale.

Indeed, we can buy hip hop beats online in this day and age. However, we should consider some things in buying to avoid any problems that may arise as well as to have a great deal. In this way we can surely get away with the beat-jackers and we can also use our money effectively. Hence, it is safe to say that we have to be very cautious enough when we buy hip hop beats on the worldwide web.

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